Bye Bye Brows

Here is just one of MANY ways to block your brows. I had a lot of fun creating a look with no brows that I’ll post next week. Hope you can bear the not so fun information until then!

  1. Comb brows upward with a clean mascara wand (I didn’t want to ruin any good tools, so I used a disposable mascara wand). Dip wand into a small amount of Pros Aide and brush upwards through brows. Try to get as much of the brow covered in Pros Aide and flattened upward against the brow bone as you can. Pros Aide dries clear and quickly becomes REALLy tacky. Wait until it is shiny like the picture. *If you aren’t familiar with Pros Aide, it’s a heavy duty adhesive! Like, it needs to be removed with oil… be warned.
  2. Using a sponge, apply a generous amount of loose powder to your fresh, tacky brows. Now is your chance to use your finger to press any stubborn hairs. If you notice any hairs that don’t have enough Pros Aide, feel free to add a little more with the wand. Wait until it dries, then repeat with powder and pressing.
  3. Using a big fluffy brush, sweep away all that loose powder. I got a bit carried away with the Pros Aide and got some on the skin around my brow. You can tell now that the powder is all over my forehead. Try your best not to go overboard!
  4. My brows are pretty large and in charge. Not to mention they are almost black. If I were to try to put foundation over these bad boys now, I’d be SOL. If you need to hide the color like me, here’s how it goes: Color Correcting Concealers by way of Color Theory! Basically, opposite colors on the color wheel cancel each other out. If you take a look, blue and orange are opposites on the wheel. When you mix them together you get brown. Most skin tones are a different shade of what color? Brown! Perfect! So, since my brows have a blue hue, I’m going to add orange concealer (mix the yellow and pink color correctors) to cancel out the dark brow.
  5. Set the concealer with a translucent powder. If your brow is still showing up through the concealer, apply another layer of orange concealer and set with powder. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Now you can finally apply you foundation over your brows and set with powder!

Happy blocking!




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