Holiday Look #3- Fit For A Queen

I tend to get very excited about things I like, sometimes to the point of emotional elation or sickness. So you can imagine a small child with my condition trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, knowing presents are a few measly hours away. There is one Christmas Eve in particular that I will never forget. I was old enough to recognize that Santa had the same penmanship as my mother, so when I knew my dad hadn’t finished wrapping my presents by the time I went to bed, I started getting a little worried. I couldn’t understand why my dad was procrastinating, I had presents to be wrapped!! I finally got some sleep somehow but I wasn’t feeling well (I think I gave myself an ulcer). 5am, I sat up in bed and BARFED all over the place. Christmas was officially here! I felt terrible all day but I got to open the present that kept me up all night… Candy Land!All I wanted to do was look at the characters, see what they wore and the different lands they came from, and draw them. Then… there she was, Queen Frostine.

This is my royal “purple” tribute. Long live the Queen!

  1. Over a shadow primer, apply a light shimmery highlight to brow bone and inner corner of eye. The light color and shimmery texture help the brow and eye to stand out.
  2. Sweep a lilac shadow (I used Parfait Amour from MAC) in the crease and blend with brow highlight color. Be careful when blending the crease color with the brow highlight. If you bring the color too far up into your brow it may begin to look overwhelming for your eye shape, then you’ll look crazy. Try using a clean fluffy brush to blend the line where the colors meet.
  3. Bring a bit of the lilac shadow to your lower lash line. I added white liner to the waterline to add to the overall soft look.
  4. Cover your entire lid, from lash line to crease, with glitter! Use a tiny bit of adhesive and pack it on! Be sure not to go above the crease, it’ll throw off the depth you created with the lilac shadow.
  5. Clean up the mess with a makeup wipe! I finished the look with wispy lashes and skipped on the liner to keep the look light.

For the rest of the look:

  • Do foundation.
  • Fill in brows. I also added some glitter to my brows because, I can do anything I want! It’s makeup, have fun!
  • Add a light pink blush to cheekbones, skip the contouring.
  • Add a nude, glossy lip to keep it light.

AND! Because I have this white wig and am dying for any excuse to wear it.




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