Holiday Look #2- Christmas Ornaments

Time for more Christmas cheer! As a kid, my inner interior decorator always wanted to decorate the tree in a different theme every year. Golds and reds! All white and frosty! Even a pink tree! I’d beg my mom to buy all new ornaments and ribbon and lights, all while still expecting to receive a mountain of goodies. To my dismay, every year we had the same stupid homemade ornaments, with the same old colored lights. It used to get me so worked up. Nowadays, those ornaments we’ve had since “before I was born”, and those big old fashioned colored lights aren’t so hideous. They’re vintage!

Toy-like ornaments with bright colors!

  1. Over a shadow primer, add a light highlight color to inner corner of eye and brow bone.
  2. Add turquoise to outer corner of eye and crease. Blend with brow highlight.
  3. To add depth, add a dark blue to the outer corner and blend with the turquoise. Don’t worry about getting messy, I didn’t! Clean up after is easy.
  4. Add white eyeliner in waterline, and black liner to outer corner of bottom lash line. The black liner will be smudged so no need to be too precise.
  5. Smudge black liner and add turquoise shadow. Bring turquoise shadow all the way to inner corner of eye.
  6. Clean up any fallen shadow with a makeup wipe.
  7. Add eyeliner to top lash line. Now it’s lash time! I also added a few individual lashes to the bottom just for fun.

For the rest of the look:

  • Apply foundation.
  • Fill in brows.
  • I chose a bright pink blush, applied it to my cheekbone and swept it up into my temple. It’s definitely over exaggerated, so alter the look as you see fit!
  • Finished with my new favorite gloss from MAC, mmm glitter!

I even got really motivated and made a cocktail hat out of an ornament I found at Joann’s.




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