Holiday Look #1- Frost Bitten

My childhood Christmas revolved around a few simple joys: going to my aunt’s house to play with my cousins as hard as we could, eat as much sugar as possible, and get toys. Though these things were all exciting, nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than 25 Days of Christmas, more specifically, those stop motion animation movies! And that’s just where I pulled inspiration for my first Holiday look from. Remember The Year Without a Santa Claus?

If you don’t already know him, meet the Snow Miser!Icy and Blue, here we go!

1. Apply primer, I tried this one from MAC and it’s glitter is awesome! Frosty white highlight to brow bone and inner corner of eye (another from MAC), and light warm brown to the crease.

2. Line your bottom lashes with an icy blue shadow or pencil.

3. Add black liner to lash line.

4. Fun part- add glitter!! Add a TINY amount of adhesive (lash adhesive works) right on top of blue shadow/liner. Add glitter while adhesive is still wet. I added a bit of glitter to my brow bone too. Once your eyes are done, apply lashes!

5. Apply foundation. Contour cheeks and add blush. I chose a bright pink blush to create a rosy look as well as a pearly pink loose shadow, like Pearl from NYX, to my cheekbones. To look a little more frost bitten, I swept the same loose shadow right above the arch of my brow, down my nose, above the little dip in my top lip, and at the top of my chin.

6. Now for the other fun part- lips! I have 2 finished looks here because I’m pretty sure not everyone is ready for blue lipstick. SO! You can finish with a frosty gloss or go big with a blue kisser, take a look at this one from Lime Crime.




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