Black Swan Magic

 With all of these messy buns looking like ballerinas walking around, my friend Laura and I decided to do a last minute Hair/Makeup tutorial inspired by Black Swan. Oh the fun of dress up!

TOOLS: white cream foundation (grease paint), translucent or white setting powder, white shimmer eye shadow, iridescent glitter, medium brown eye shadow, dark brown eye shadow, black liquid or cake liner, mascara, wispy false lashes, lash adhesive, bronzer, pink/peach blush, neutral lip gloss

1. Apply white makeup around eye area, down nose and high on cheek bones. Blend edges to create a soft, feathery border. Set with a translucent powder.
2. Apply white shimmer eye shadow from lid to brow bone and blend a medium brown shadow into crease.
3. Darken outer corners of eye with a dark brown shadow and for Natalie Portman’s eye brow’s sake, fill in yours!
4. Apply glitter with an adhesive to inner corner of lid.
5. Curl lashes. Apply mascara generously to top and bottom lashes.
6. Add false lashes and a bit of winged eyeliner to top lash line (cover any eyelash glue with the liner).
7. Contour cheeks and add a light pink/peach blush.
8. Add a neutral colored lip gloss to finish the look.
9. Dress up is never complete without a costume!
10. Ta-da!

Check out Hair Madness by Laura for more hair ideas!



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