Sorry, I Don’t Smoke

Smokey Eye

Sorry, I lied! One more basic beauty post before we get to the good stuff. Holiday goods coming next week, I promise! On to a smokey eye!

As a tip, do your eye makeup first, clean up any mess, THEN apply your foundation. Such a helpful trick (I’ll explain in a bit)!! Once you get the hang of this, you’ll be able to do any color combination! Think of all the possibilities…

  1. Apply eye shadow primer over entire lid up to the brow. Add highlight color to brow bone.
  2. Use a black kohl eye liner to line the upper and lower water line. While you have the liner handy, add a little to the lower lash line and a bit to your lower lid (don’t go all the way to the crease). NOTE: I’m adding a black kohl liner to the lid because I want an intense black when I add the shadow. If you are doing a blue smokey eye, you would add a blue kohl to the lid. An alternative to kohl liner would be a colored eye shadow primer or cream shadow. Make sense?
  3. Smudge liner on bottom lash line and on lower lid. I know you look like a wreck right now but it gets pretty!
  4. Apply black shadow to the freshly smudged liner, almost all the way to the crease. Really pack the shadow on to get a deep black.
  5. Blend the black shadow into the crease with a fluffy brush (you can do any color in the crease, just blend the hell out of it).
  6. Here’s where doing your foundation last comes in to play. If you get a little messy with all the black shadow and some falls on your cheeks, grab a makeup wipe and clean it up!
  7. Finish with lashes or just mascara. Now you have permission to do your foundation.




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