Go Big or Go Home

False Lashes

  1. Curl lashes and apply mascara
  2. Measure
  3. Cut
  4. Apply adhesive
  5. Let dry for 30 seconds
  6. Apply lashes

One more basic beauty quickie before I post something fun for the holidays!

1. Curl lashes and apply mascara before adding the falsies (this will help natural lashes blend into the false ones).
2. & 3. To measure the lash strip, place the strip against lash line (no glue). Strip should be flush with the inner corner of your eye. If any part of the strip extends past the outer corner of your eye, cut it!
4. When applying adhesive, I like to put a drop of glue on the back of my hand, pick up a bit with the adhesive cap, THEN apply to the lash strip. I had an accident once when applying glue straight from the bottle. The tube was clogged so I squeezed too hard and a ton of glue came out and ruined my lash strip.
5. Let the adhesive get a little dry and tacky before placing on natural lashes. Wet adhesive will just slip and slide! While waiting for the adhesive to dry, bend the lash strip in the shape of a U to give it more flexibility when trying to form it to your eye (it’s easier to use both hands when bending the lash. I only show one hand because my other hand was taking the photo).
6. Apply as close to the lash line as possible. Starting from the middle may help, then work on the inner and outer corners.





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